Handpan News Safari #week9

Handpan News Safari #week9

Mission description : The internet is a vast landscape. Finding exactly what you’re looking for can be overwhelming. Our mission is to find the best handpan-relevant content for you on the web: Up-to-the-minute news, hidden pearls, amazing videos, and things you may have missed. Our field guides hunt for just the right content for you, so we can take you straight to the “good stuff”.

Time Machine

Recently, I was stuck on a mountain road with my wife during a snowstorm. It was epic seeing all that snow, and it made me think that it’s time to dig into the youtube archives and revisit this cover of ‘Carol of the bells’ by Vasilis Vasilou on handpan. It’s really wonderful!


Colin Foulke set himself a challenge to go back to basics and to the roots of handpan making. He has put his machines and technology to one side to make this video of himself building an instrument with only 3 hammers. So, here’s the ‘3 hammers challenge’ that he’s started and wants other makers to take up.


My cousin Sylvain Paslier has just taken over the “handpan podcasts” started by David Gallaher, maker of Makai handpans. There are already a few episodes available online. Click on the imagebelow to access them:

Love it

One of the recent threads on Facebook was that female handpan players don’t post their handpan videos on social media as often as male players. There are many reasons for this that I won’t go into here. Anyway, ladies, don’t let this put you off! Here is a superb video by Eloïse Bns. Just beautiful!

Love it

We have loved seeing this guy singing and looping just lately. In his latest video, Philippe Gagnéis back on handpan with a more intimate and minimalist feel. Perfect for autumn!

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David Charrier

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