Learn from Dan’s unique style.

Utterly innovative, fresh and full of energy, his handpan skills will transform your playing. Here is what you'll learn:

Relationship between groove and space

Learn how to truly ‘feel’ the groove by building repeat patterns, how to mix it up with ghost notes and breaks.

Percussive strikes to accent your melodic playing

Snare sounds, base lines, knocks, raps, slaps… Dan teaches all the ways to touch steel that you will ever need.

Fills containing some unique percussive techniques

Slow fills, gallops, flams, rolls, paradiddles... and other mystical beasts will come to life in Dan’s course.

Melody lines you can apply to any combination of notes

Dan will help you to build a library of easy-to-grasp melodic patterns, giving you a whole new world of possibilities in composition.

Grooves broken down into a basic and advanced version

Each of Dan’s techniques are played at full speed but then slowed right down and broken up into bite-size segments, so you can follow and learn. Simples.

Patterns for you to nurture your style

Dan has selected some of his favourite patterns that you will not only learn, but also apply to your practice and develop your own way of playing them.

What's in it for me?

By the end of the course, you’ll walk away with some new grooves and fills in your game. But more importantly, you’ll also walk away with a new way to approach your playing.

Dan worked very hard to structure his lessons so they are not "Play like me" but "Learn this then play it YOUR way".

With percussion in his soul, Dan has a wealth of tips and tricks and we’re very excited that he is sharing them with us at Master The Handpan!
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Dan Mulqueen Masterclass Curriculum
Introduction to the bundle (1:13)
Learn some fat grooves!
Groove 1 (4:28)
Groove 1 - Variations 1 & 2 (7:37)
Groove 2 (5:22)
Groove 2 - Variations 1 & 2 (4:01)
Groove 3 (7:56)
Groove 3 - Variations (7:46)
Groove 4 (6:20)
Groove 5 (5:54)
Groove 6 (3:17)
Learn some fat fills to spice up your playing!
Fill 1 (4:18)
Fill 2 (4:38)
Fill 3 (4:32)
Fill 4 (3:38)
Fill 5 (5:21)
Fill 6 (3:05)

Progress at your own pace.

Enjoy lifetime access to the course : Dip into each lesson whenever you want, finish whenever you want. Play each lesson as many times as necessary and keep track of your overall progress to stay motivated.

Videos that make sense.

Ever tried to learn a tune with only the front view of a handpan? Tricky, isn’t it? All our lessons are shot from above, so your left is his left, your right is his right. No more complicated reverse thinking that melts your brain. No more squinting and pausing to see which notes are being played. Every pattern is shown slowly and progressively so you can study and copy Dan’s hands around the handpan.

Join our lovely community to keep learning.

MasterTheHandpan is more than an online course. It also gives you coaching and provides ongoing support. All members of the family can join a private Facebook group. It’s the perfect place to get to know other players, share your progress and be inspired.

David does Facebook Live Q&A, giving you feedback on your videos, encouraging you to develop your skills and knowledge and also offering you the chance to win some great prizes.

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