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Music Theory

Put theory into practice.

Understand your handpan, transform the way you play and acquire composition skills, the fun way.

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Music Theory simplified.

Your effective and entertaining guide adapted to handpan players.

Urgh - but isn’t theory boring? Music theory is not a list of rules telling what you can and can’t do. It is about the practices and possibilities of music. Understanding it will give you the tools you need to leap ahead with your handpan. And isn’t that actually rather exciting?

Music theory has never been that easy.

We provide clear explanations that are simple to follow and effective. Our innovative course gives you all the basics (and more) so that your playing and composing will be top-notch. There’s no need to be afraid of music theory any more with these fun, friendly and interactive lessons!

Remember what you learn.

It’s easy to memorise each lesson with your downloadable ebook. In addition to the videos, you’ll get an ebook that summarises everything you have learned before moving onto the next video. You’ll also find a series of exercises that will help to squish this new-found knowledge into your brain permanently.

Learn at your own pace.

Enjoy your lifetime access to the course: Dip into each lesson whenever you want, finish whenever you want. Play each lesson as many times as necessary and keep track of your overall progress to stay motivated.

Join our lovely community to keep learning.

MasterTheHandpan is more than an online course. It also gives you coaching and provides ongoing support. All members of the family can join a private Facebook group. It’s the perfect place to get to know other players, share your progress and be inspired.

David does Facebook Live Q&A, giving you feedback on your videos, encouraging you to develop your skills and knowledge and also offering you the chance to win some great prizes.

Music Theory

What's in it for me?

At the end of the course, you will master useful concepts for understanding how to to get the best out of your handpan. Each video is accompanied by exercises to build upon your knowledge and make step by step progress. Our structured course covers a wide range of skills and topics:
What do we mean by a ‘scale’? How do notes link together?
What is a minor, major, or relative scale?
What is a third, a fifth, an octave? What’s an interval?
How are chords formed? How do you come up with them and enhance them?
What is a key?
What is a reversed chord?
What is a mode (e.g. aeolian, mixolydien, etc)?
How do you find all the possible chords on a handpan?
And much, much more!
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Music Theory Curriculum
ebook of all the lessons
The basics and much more
#1 Understand the piano keyboard
#2 Major : minor Chords
#3 Scales on a Handpan
#4 Intervals
#5 Major Ionian Scale
#6 Relative scales
#7 Harmonic minor scale
#8 Major and minor Seventh Chords
#9 Seventh Chords
#10 Augmented & Diminished Chords
#11 Sus4 & Sus2 Chords
#12 Reverse chords
#13 Circle of fifth
Find the chords
#14 Find the Chords on - E m Integral 9
#15 Find the Chords on - Ebm Amara
#16 Find the Chords on - F#m
All the Greek Modes
#17 Ionian & Dorian Greek modes
#18 Phrygian Greek mode
#19 Lydian Greek mode
#20 Mixolydian Greek mode
#21 Aeolian Greek mode- relative scale
#22 Revision - Aeolian mode
#23 Locrian Greek mode
#24 Greek Modes Exercices
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Our mission is to make you smile while you learn music theory. Guaranteed no horrible school flashbacks!

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We truly believe that a grasp of music theory is an enormous asset in understanding your handpan.

Be more creative in your playing

Understanding the theory allows you to find your own way musically, come up with new ideas, new chord progressions, and finish your compositions.

Understand what you’re playing

Theory expands your musical vocabulary and develops your overall ‘feel’ for music. You will get to know your instrument and your own playing style better. It can’t replace the ear, but it can definitely fine-tune it.

Save time and disappointment

Mastering theory means you can jot down your compositions so you’ll never forget them. Plus you’ll be able to sight-read. Your ears are your biggest asset, but theory is your ears’ best and speediest friend.

Communicate better with other musicians

Music is a language. Theory will help you to have a conversation and share your ideas with others during the creative process.
Adapted to your handpan

Know how to choose your handpans

It can be really tough to work out which scales go together and why. With your new knowledge, you can make well-informed choices and create your own combinations.
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Watch from any device

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Start exploring your full handpan potential and create beautiful music.

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