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Dali City

Ding in Balance



China will celebrate its first handpan and world music festival. We have chosen a beautiful place for this festival, Dali City Yunnan Province, located in the south of China. It has a pleasant climate, moderate temperatures, and beautiful scenery. It is also an ancient city with a long history. We have invited a number of handpan and world music artists to the festival. We believe that the multiple workshops and concerts with a strong line-up will be surely worthwhile and definitely benefit the audience.

  • Kabeção
  • Matsumoto Zoku
  • David Charrier
  • Sam Maher
  • Archer & Tripp
  • Dom Aversano
  • Khayalan
  • Colin Foulke
  • Mayiia
  • Alejandro Urilá
  • Randy Ranger (to be confirmed)
  • LeoTrincabelli
  • Angus Lee
  • Chor Lai

  • 26th (9:15~11:45 | 14:30~17:15)
    Kabeção, João Jardim, Sebastião Bergmann, Zé Cruz, Mayiia Ana
  • 27th(9:15~11:45 | 14:30~17:15)
    Colin Foulke, David Charrier, Sam Maher, Reo Matsumoto, Koji Matsumoto, (Randy Ranger)
  • 28th(9:15~11:45 | 14:30~17:15)
    Samantha Archer, Jaron Tripp, Alejandro Urilá, Leonardo Trincabelli, Dom Aversano
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Registration to workshop : only online
Registration to workshop : only on site
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Ticket 300€ include:

  • meals
  • accommodation
  • concerts
  • open mic
  • bonfire
  • musical instrument fair
  • second-hand instrument fair -300€

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