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Friday, April 26, 2019


Sunday, April 28, 2019

Dali City

On April 26th-28th 2019, China will celebrate its first handpan and world music festival. We have chosen a beautiful place for this festival, Dali City Yunnan Province, located in the south of China. It has a pleasant climate, moderate temperatures, and beautiful scenery. It is also an ancient city with a long history.

We have invited a number of handpan and world music artists to the festival. We believe that the multiple workshops and concerts with a strong line-up will be surely worthwhile and definitely benefit the audience.

In these three days, we will have more than a dozen workshops. Each artist will have a workshop that focuses on the handpan as well as other instruments. All participants can choose their favorite musicians and workshops according to their needs. Evenly, after the concerts finish every night, we also arrange more activities for everyone.

During the festival, we will provide tent accommodation, food, and drinks for the participants. These are included in the ticket, with no charge separately.

During the festival, the meals we provide are free (dinner on 25th, breakfast +lunch+supper on 26th-28th, breakfast on 29th). If you are a vegetarian, after you sign up and pay, you can contact us to let us know that you are a vegetarian. We will prepare food for vegetarians according to the number of people in the dining area. The main meals we provide our local food. You can have a taste of Yunnan cuisine. Of course, we will prepare more vegetables and fruit salad, as well as fresh fruits for you. In addition to the meals, we will also provide free popcorn and 3 to 4 kinds of Chinese nuts snacks, as well as fresh fruit during the festival. Drinks we will prepare some natural fruit drinks, tea drinks and so on, and we will also provide beer for free (but please don't get drunk...😅 )

Regarding accommodation, we will provide many three people tents for accommodation during the festival, but we will arrange two people for accommodation. We will also provide sleeping bags.

Dali historical average temperature during the festival is between 15 ° ~ 25 °.

If you are a producer of some kind of musical instrument (not only handpan), you can contact us after you sign up for this event and pay for it. This is the first time for Chinese handpan & worldmusic festival, there will be many music educators involved, your musical instrument they may be interested in. We have specially set up the area for the sale of musical instruments in this festival, and there will be some people to help sell the musical instruments on site. If you are a producer or a product producer of musical instruments surrounding objects, don't miss this opportunity. Please note: if you have this requirement, please take some photos and indicate the name, the quantity, the price of the instrument, then send us an email at 840125555@qq.com or contact 孙雅萱.

During the festival, we will also provide a trading area for second-hand instruments. Please ensure that your instruments are of good quality. If you have the demand for selling second-hand instruments after you sign up and pay for the ticket, you can contact us. Please note: if you have this requirement, please take some photos and indicate the name, the quantity, the price of the instrument, then send us an email at 840125555@qq.com or contact 孙雅萱.

In order to ensure smooth communication, we will arrange 10 to 15 English translators during the festival.

Through this festival, we hope that the world will be able to learn more about China. At the same time, Chinese music lovers can also have the opportunity to learn a variety of performances, with better feelings in the environment of world music. Look forward to your coming.



26th(9:15~11:45 | 14:30~17:15)
João Jardim...
Sebastião Bergmann
Zé Cruz
Mayiia Ana

27th(9:15~11:45 | 14:30~17:15)
Colin Foulke
David Charrier
Sam Maher
Reo Matsumoto
Koji Matsumoto
(Randy Ranger)

28th(9:15~11:45 | 14:30~17:15)
Samantha Archer
Jaron Tripp
Alejandro Urilá
Leonardo Trincabelli
Dom Aversano

Registration to workshop : online and on site
Registration to workshop : only online
Registration to workshop : only on site
This event is FREE!
Tickets pricing
  • Ticket 300€ include:
  • meals(supper on 25th, breakfast +lunch+supper on 26th-28th, breakfast on 29th)+snacks+drinks+beer
  • accommodation(tent, sleeping bag, two persons share one tent)workshops
  • concerts
  • open mic
  • bonfire
  • musical instrument fair
  • second-hand instrument fairFull300€

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Tickets available on site
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