Adrian Portia

Inspirational Handpan Player. Teacher.

Adrian is recognised internationally as one of the leading players, innovators and educators on the instrument and has been travelling all over the world performing and teaching.
He is widely known for his speed, control and dynamic command over the instrument.

Having an extensive musical vocabulary, Adrian has the ability to play all styles of music on the handpan, while maintaining his own unique signature sound.
He has been given the nickname "The Hummingbird‚ÄĚ.

Recent collaborations include famous indian flautist Ranu Majumdar. Pianist, composer and Bollywood producer Santosh Mulekar. Film score producers Jon Opstad and Adam Hochstatter and world renowned bass player Janek Gwizdala.

Having his own unique, versatile, percussive and melodic style, Adrian is dedicated to continue to develop in the craft of playing this amazing new instrument.

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