Learn From The Best Round Up #1

Learn From The Best Round Up #1

We're so glad you stopped by. Each month, we will share the latest music videos from our amazing Learn From The Best Artists and Handpan Teachers. For our first edition, we have a bunch of great new music video releases for your viewing pleasure. Read on for more information and enjoy!

Alexandre Lora‍

Alexandre  just released a new album with his brother, it’s called Irmãos Lora ( Lora Brothers). Hurry up and listen to their brand new songs prepared with love and care👇

Listen here : http://bit.ly/IrmaosLora


This beautiful video has been played over 1 billion times on YouTube alone since it was released last November. so if you haven't heard it yet then you need to head over there now! 👇



Don’t miss Kabe playing handpan vertically and actually... why not? 👇

‍Archer & Tripp 

Sam and Jaron just released a new beautiful song called ‘Traces of Contentment’. If you like this song, we know that you’ll definitely love all the other songs on their latest album 'Perspectives 👇

Jeremy Nattagh

We know that the handpan is a beautiful instrument that can produce some really amazing sounds. Jeremy Nattagh knows how to multiply all these beautiful sounds with his incredible looping skills. A video not to miss 👇

‍Laurent Sureau

Looking for a beautiful solo’s studio experience. Check out Laurent’s latest video 👇

‍Dan Mulqueen

We don’t need to introduce Dan Mulqueen’s Beat of The Week anymore. Maybe you're in need of a new beat or maybe you're just looking for something different from the rest. Well, we have your answer! Dan Mulqueen's Beat of The Week was made for you 👇


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David Charrier

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