Where to buy a handpan?

Where to buy a handpan?

To help our wonderful community (that’s you) make the right choices, I thought it would be super-useful to have all handpan makers detailed in one place.

I am regularly asked about where to buy a handpan and how to go about buying one. So I set about contacting the ever-growing list of builders and creating the most comprehensive handpan makers’ directory to date.

A-Z list of handpan builders

Here you will find a great tool to compare handpan makers: an A-Z list of builders, including information on where they are based, how to contact them / buy a handpan from them, what scales and shells they offer, what price-range they are in and how long it will take for your order to be completed and shipped.

Handpan Makers Directory

Best of all, we’ve designed it so you can search for the features that matter to you, like proximity to your home, budget, availability of bottom notes and custom options and whether the handpan comes with a bag.

It is an essential resource for all those thinking about purchasing a new handpan, whether it be your first steel baby or the latest in your collection.

We add to the Directory regularly, and are planning to introduce new features like Tuning Services, so please save as a favourite and come back for updates!

NB: MasterTheHandpan cannot test or review all handpans listed. Our goal is simply to provide you with the most complete list. Take your time, ask for more info from our handpan builder friends and be wise :)

MasterTheHandpan Marketplace

Almost every day, I receive emails from future players who are desperate for help in finding and buying a handpan. After spending hours researching makers, scales, watching videos online, reading blog posts (yes, including this one) the task feels overwhelming. You want to make the right choice, and I feel your pain. 😉

So after months of trying to find a simple solution, I think I have found a way to help make the search so much easier. I have launched the MasterTheHandpan Marketplace.

The idea is simple:

  • We only select the best handpans for you. We work in partnership with the most reputable makers to bring you a selection of handpicked top-quality handpans. If you see them on our marketplace, you can be sure that they have been tested, so you can buy with confidence.
  • We’ll give you an in-depth and honest review. We provide a full technical review for each instrument so that you have all the information you need to decide which instrument is right for you.
  • You're safe with us and our sellers. Our marketplace is powered by the highest security standards to ensure that payments are 100% secure. Every seller commits to a 14-say Seller’s Guarantee with an unconditional 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your instrument.

Find out more about our handpan marketplace here.

See also

For more advice on buying a handpan, you might want to check out 4 handy resources :

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Buying a handpan made simple

Shop for handpicked quality handpans from trusted makers.
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David Charrier

Player, Teacher, Blogger. Handpan Enthusiast.
Founder of Master The Handpan

David Charrier

Joueur. Prof. Blogueur.
Fondateur de Master The Handpan

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