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Music Production for Handpan

Creating your own home orchestra with Tom Vaylo

Beginner to intermediate level

Intended for players who want to explore music production.
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36 exclusive video lessons

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1 - Introduction and Setup
Introduction to this course (4:42)
Your Setup (8:29)
Your Software (DAW) (5:48)
Concept and first Touch (8:05)
2 - Arrangement mode: Record your own songs
Recording in Arrangement (9:26)
Edit and arrange your recordings (16:22)
3 - Live mode: Record, Create and Play!
Record in Live view (11:35)
Improve and Organize (10:57)
Structure and Play (12:21)
My Personnal Workflow (13:24)
4 - Switch between modes
From Live to Arrangement (9:21)
From Arrangement to Live… and back - My workflow (7:04)
5 - Controllers
What is it - What should you buy (6:23)
Setup & 'Clip' controllers (13:08)
Mix' controllers & Customization (14:04)
6 - MIDI Instruments
Concept and definition (3:12)
Where to get good samples and how to use it (8:58)
Create your drumloops from samples (9:30)
Get inspired by these examples (Part 1) (9:55)
Get inspired by these examples (Part 2) (13:04)
7 - Use Electronic Instruments (VSTis)
Use stock VSTis (9:03)
Compose with several VSTis (8:45)
Where and how to download better ones (11:16)
8 - Create your own Instruments
Understand ADSR (10:59)
LFO on electronic instruments (14:12)
LFO on acoustic Instruments (13:58)
Create your own electronic Instrument (Part 1) (9:11)
Create your own electronic Instrument (Part 2) (12:44)
Create your own acoustic Instrument (14:48)
9 - Effects: Professional sound made easy
3 Ways for using the EQ (15:39)
3 Ways for using the compressor (15:24)
Using the Reverb properly (15:19)
Creative effects (15:19)
10 - Composing Tips
Frequency bands and how it can improve your songs (9:59)
Structure - My own recipe (11:32)
Example of what you can do & Closing statement (9:13)

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Music Production totally changed my life, and deeply transformed the way I play and compose music. You can very easily jump in my tracks and open wide a door to a brand new world of possibilities and creativity.
There is a path for everyone here, and believe me, you won’t regret jumping in !
I created for you 36 videos that summarize all I learned on the matter during the past 10 years of sleepless composing nights. So that you’ll be able to discover music producing and still having some sleep. You lucky!
Tom Vaylo
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Frequently asked questions


What gear will Tom be using?

Tom will be using a standard computer, an entry-level microphone (Rode NT1A) and audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2), and of course his ears and creativity.

In some optional lessons, he will be using entry-level midi controllers (Novation Launch Control & Novation Launchpad S).

As we’ve said before, there is nothing fancy here, and any similar gear you own will do perfectly.

What gear is required to follow the lessons?

This course is made for you to be able to follow even if you have very limited equipment

You only need the following:


  • A computer (even a low-performance one is fine).
  • A microphone + audio interface: absolutely any will do, but Tom will advise you in the first few lessons to help you choose if you haven’t already got one. If your microphone can be connected straight into your computer, an audio interface won’t be needed.
  • Some music production software: Tom uses Ableton Live, but you can totally use different software. He explains in one of the first lessons how to get Ableton Live for free or affordably, and what other software you can use – there are many free options!

That’s it, you’re good to go! However, if you have or want to use more equipment, Tom will also take you through optional gear that may be of interest to you in a few of the lessons.


  • ClipLaunch midi controller (e.g. Novation’s launchpad) for live performances
  • Mixing midi controller (e.g. Novation’s launch control) for a quicker workflow 

These controllers will mainly speed up your workflow and make the process more comfortable and fun. However, you can do absolutely everything without them.


I don’t have Ableton Live or want to use other software.

Tom uses Ableton Live software, but you can totally use different software. He explains in one of the first lessons how to get Ableton Live for free or affordably, and goes through other software options you can choose from.

All music production software is pretty similar so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to follow the course if you are already using another one and want to keep going with it.

If you have never used any music production software before and you’re a total beginner, our advice would be to get the trial or the Lite version of Ableton Live to follow the course. (You probably already have the lite version, since it comes free with most audio gear these days!)

You’ll then have the knowledge you need to either switch to another software, or stick with Ableton Live.

Once again, there’s a good chance you can get the Lite version for free, and Tom will explain how. 😉

What if I’m missing some of the gear listed above?

Are you missing essential gear (such as a microphone or interface)?
This course will inspire and guide you to purchase your first set of equipment. If you do not have some of the required gear, great ! You’ll then get some good advice to help you choose. 😉

Are you missing optional gear ?

  • Remember that this is a broad and insightful course with lots for any musician to take away, whether you have a basic or advanced setup. It was designed with the knowledge that many of the participants would not own the same equipment as Tom. Tom will help you understand the concepts rather than focus on the gear itself. That way, you can easily adapt it to any other similar setup.
  • Because you get lifelong access to Tom’s Masterclass when you enroll in the course, you can start by learning from his experience and gaining inspiration. Later on, when you are able to purchase new gear, you can come back to specific sections to get advice, choose the perfect gear for you and put what you’ve learned into practice.

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Music Production for Handpan

Creating your own home orchestra with Tom Vaylo

Jump into the infinite universe of music production. Learn how to record, arrange, edit & mix your very own songs. Compose professional-sounding tracks and share them with the world!

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