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Step-by-step lessons designed for beginners.

At last, you own a beautiful handpan. But you’re not sure how to get a good sound, how to keep to a beat, how to create new patterns or how to switch seamlessly between them. You’re frustrated and feel like you’ll never grasp this wonderful instrument. Sound familiar? This course is for you!


Progress at your pace.

Enjoy lifetime access to the course : Dip into each lesson whenever you want, finish whenever you want. Play each lesson as many times as necessary and keep track of your overall progress to stay motivated.

Fun & innovative notation system.

Symbols, colours, numbers and ghosts (wooooo)... To make tutorials productive as well as smile-inducing, David has created a very intuitive notation system for your hands. With just a few minutes’ practice each day, you can learn and remember any pattern. Follow the notes and enjoy rocking these new grooves.

Videos that make sense.

Ever tried to learn a tune with only the front view of a handpan? Tricky, isn’t it? All our lessons are shot from above, so your left is his left, your right is his right. No more complicated reverse thinking that melts your brain. No more squinting and pausing to see which notes are being played. Every pattern is shown slowly and progressively so you can study and copy David’s hands around the handpan.

Join our lovely community to keep learning.

MasterTheHandpan is more than an online course. It also gives you coaching and provides ongoing support. All members of the family can join a private Facebook group. It’s the perfect place to get to know other players, share your progress and be inspired.

David does Facebook Live Q&A, giving you feedback on your videos, encouraging you to develop your skills and knowledge and also offering you the chance to win some great prizes.


What's in it for me?

At the end of the course, you will know some cool grooves and catchy tunes and you’ll be armed with the skills to create as many variations as your fingers can cope with.

You'll learn everything you need to raise your rhythmic and melodic skills to the next level, including:
Touch and hand co-ordination skills
Finger and Ear training
Rhythm structure
4/4 rhythms
3/4 rhythms
How to build-up patterns
How to create a melody from a pattern
And much, much more!
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Essentials Curriculum
My handpan and teaching philosophy (9:17)
Familiarise yourself with the symbols (4:13)
How to position yourself? (2:55)
How to make your handpan sound perfect? (9:29)
All the sounds you can make on your handpan (9:33)
Handout : Exercises + Key + Lefty worksheets
Warm-up your fingers!
Warm-up #1 (2:51)
Warm-up #2 (1:36)
Warm-up #3 (1:36)
Warm-up #4 (1:47)
Warm-up #5 (1:26)
Warm-up #6 (0:52)
Warm-up #7 (2:35)
Warm-up #8 (1:31)
Basic 4/4 Rhythms
4:4 Rythm #1 (1:37)
4:4 Rythm #2 (2:10)
4:4 Rythm #3 (1:45)
4:4 Rythm #4 (2:33)
4:4 Rythm #5 (1:59)
4:4 Rythm #6 (2:10)
Coordination / Independence (R & L)
Coord Ex #1 (3:05)
Coord Ex #2: Rythmical application (2:15)
Coord Ex #3: Melodic application (3:05)
Coord Ex #4 (3:05)
Coord Ex #5: Melodic application (2:35)
Coord Ex #6 Medley (1:15)
Coord Ex #7: Melodic application(6:14)
Coord Ex #8: Melodic application(3:39)
Coord Ex #9: Melodic application(4:36)
Coord Ex #10: Melodic application(6:45)
3/4 Rhythms
3:4 Rythm #1 (3:21)
3:4 Rythm #1 + Melody A (1:23)
3:4 Rythm #1 + Melody B (1:45)
3:4 Rythm #2 (2:24)
3:4 Rythm #2 + Melody A (2:20)
3:4 Rythm #2 + Melody B (2:09)
3:4 Rythm #2 + Melody C (2:58)
Chords & Melodies
Introduction to the chords (3:14)
Chords Ex#1 (5:54)
Chords Ex#2 (5:28)
Chords Ex#2 Variation 1 (2:16)
Chords Ex#2 Variation 2 (2:45)
Ear Training - A method to reproduc any rhythm
Ear training Ex#1 (6:42)
Ear training Ex#2 (4:47)
Ear training Ex#3 (4:51)
Ear training Ex#4 (4:02)
Grooves, melodies, buid-up patterns
Rhythm #1 (2:58)
Rhythm#1 + Melody (1:40)
Rhythm#1 Variation 1 (1:39)
Rhythm#1 Variation 2 (2:25)
Rhythm#2 (2:49)
Rhythm#2 + Melody (1:16)
Rhythm#2 Variation 1 (1:20)
Rhythm#3 (2:26)
Rhythm#3 + Melody (2:17)
Rhythm#3 + Variation 1 (1:15)
Rhythm#3 + Variation 2 (3:37)
Rhythm#4 (2:47)
Rhythm#4 + Melody (2:06)
Rhythm#4 Variation 1 (3:49)
Rhythm#4 Variation 2 (3:10)
Tricks and fingerstyle techniques
Introduction to the "Tricks" (2:42)
Trick#1 (6:21)
Tricks#2 (4:42)
Tricks#3 (3:08)
Tricks#4 (3:02)
Tricks#5 (3:24)
Tricks#6 (2:30)

Say hello to your fast progress!

Adapted to your handpan

Adapted to your instrument

Handpan (previously Hang Drum), Tongue Drum, Space Drum, RAV Vast, Pantam, etc... All players are welcome! If you have a central note on the top of your instrument, this course is 100% compatible.
Compatible with your scale

Compatible with your scale

This course is designed to be fully compatible with all handpan scales. The aim of the course is to teach you rhythms and movements so that you can learn to play them whatever the scale.

8 years of teaching experience

David’s engaging teaching style means you will pick up knowledge and skills without falling asleep at the back of the class. David has created a unique and innovative way to help you get the most out of your hang.

Get creative with your playing

With a wealth of new knowledge and skills, you will improve your style, confidence and compositions. Our courses give you hours and hours of tutorials to learn from and dip into, tailoring perfectly to your needs

Remember patterns with ease

Our exclusive, simple notation system makes learning and remembering musical patterns as easy as pie. Our step-by-step video tutorials are immersive, easy to understand and hard to forget.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be 100% satisfied, that's why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you follow the entire course and are not satisfied with all that you have learned, email us and we’ll reimburse you promptly.
Lifetime access

Enjoy lifetime access

Rewatch lessons as many times as you want, whenever you want, with unlimited access.
Watch from any device

Watch from any device

Access your online handpan lessons from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Get friendly support

Get friendly support

Whatever your question, you’re never alone. We'll do everything we can to help you.

Why an online course?

Good question! Here are just a few amazing advantages...

Lessons adapted to your level
Step-by-step Curriculum
Qualified teacher
Progress tracking
Immersive view
Notation system
100% Money back guarantee
Rewatch lessons as many times as you like
Supportive online community
Learn at your pace, anytime, anywhere
1 time purchase
Recurring fee
Private lesson
Online lesson
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