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Alexandre Lora


Handpan Player. Percussionist. Teacher.

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Brazilian Rhythms for Handpan

Handpan Player. Percussionist. Teacher.

Alexandre Lora is a highly-acclaimed percussionist, composer, handpan player and handpan teacher. He travels around the globe to perform as a member of Trio Brasileiro, Caraivana, the Irmãos Lora Project and also to play and teach the handpan at some of the most celebrated events in the handpan world.

Alexandre’s resume is as impressive as it is varied. With degrees in Drumset Performance (B. A., Faculdade de Artes Alcântara Machado), Classical Percussion (Escola Municipal de Música de São Paulo), and Musicology and Music Education (M. A., Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), he is extremely versatile and masters multiple musical genres, allowing him to collaborate with many world-class musicians over the years. He was recently awarded a Grammy nomination in the Best World Music Album category for "Rosa dos Ventos" with Anat Cohen and Trio Brasileiro.

His solo handpan albums Oriente (2015), Hand Pan for Peace (2017), and most recently Getting to the Desert (2020), testify to his flair for composition, his outstanding technical skill, and his incredibly rich perspective on music.

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