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Handpan Players. Teachers.

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Handpan Players. Teachers.

Archer and Tripp first met in 2014 at HangoutUK. Both are multi-instrumentalists with varied and complementary skills and over 20 years of experience of playing the handpan between them.

Samantha is a classically trained pianist, clarinetist and vocalist with a distinctive talent for both composing and improvising enchanting melodies. Jaron is a trained Taketina teacher and a student of complex and meditative rhythmical structures with a deep understanding of rhythm and pulse.
Blended together with their mutual love for the handpan, their talents create an exciting, unique and profound musical experience. Since meeting in 2014, they have travelled the world, captivating audiences and sharing their love through and for music.

In 2020, Archer & Tripp were invited to teach a masterclass at MasterTheHandpan to share their unique insights into composition and musical expression.

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