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Pantam Dance is an electronic expression of upbeats blended with handpan acoustics. Their concert consists of a dynamic conversation between live handpan performance and deep synth rhythms. The founding members, Arthur Pasecinic and Catalin Stroe, have been performing for more than a decade. Starting of as a drummer, Arthur embraced the handpan musical art in 2017.

Since then, he concerted at musical festivals, Ted X conferences and art exhibitions. Catalin Stroe started out as a dj from his early high school days and slowly began producing his own music with analog gear in 2015.

The duo released their first EP called “Sunrise” in 2021 along with the music video “Summer Morning”. With a smooth Ambiental sound, their EP fits perfectly into an outdoor summer party.

“Sunrise” has featured instruments like saxophone, flute and various percussions, resonating a world music atmosphere.

At the end of 2021 they are planning to launch their second EP called “Sunset”, featuring vocal artist Petra Acker.

Arthur Pasecinic

 currently plays handpan with these makers:

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