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As a multi-instrumentalist, I’m passionate about rhythms and melodies. In 2004, I discovered the handpan, a unique ‘sound sculpture’ with enchanting tones.

My study of this instrument and my desire to compose have allowed me to share my music throughout the world.

Whether as a solo artist, part of a duo, or with a bigger group, I love to show my passion and help people to discover this instrument.

Over the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed teaching the handpan.
I often travel to other countries to give masterclasses and individual courses.

I love seeing people introduced to the handpan and its infinite possibilities, and I love watching my students blossom in their musical journey.

In order to continue encouraging and teaching as many handpan enthusiasts as possible and to see its magic impact lives, in 2016 I created the online handpan school Master The Handpan. Its mission is simple: « Learn fast, have fun! »

David Charrier

 currently plays handpan with these makers:

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