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Francis learned to open himself to new horizons over time and it is through multiple periods of introspection that he began the formation of his ideal. This brought a series of events that would change his daily life and guide him towards awakening. A personal awakening, but especially passionate. It was when he discovered handpan that he knew music would guide his life. As a self-taught man, Francis forged his own path, sometimes even becoming obsessive in his research. He builds his daily life by constantly improving himself, which brings him much happiness and lightness. That said, not everything is easy, but with music to guide him, everything is softer, more natural and more authentic. It is with a view to surpassing himself and in all humility that he explores the possibilities that his passion brings him. Mixing encounters and projects, he builds his own identity and style through the colors of his muses, combining the handpan with atmospheric textures, piano, various instruments and percussions. It is by letting his body waltz and that of his musical encounters that he will make you discover what it is to see the world through his eyes. But above all, thanks to what emanates from his music and his energy when he plays, Francis will make you feel emotions that will surely transport you.

Francis Leclerc

 currently plays handpan with these makers:

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