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Jeremy Nattagh


International Handpan Player. Teacher.

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Looping & Sound Sculpting on handpan

International Handpan Player. Teacher.

Born in Paris, France and originally a classical flute player, Jeremy Nattagh has explored a wide range of instruments and musical styles including jazz piano, gospel drums, pop rock, and electric bass as well as composing and producing movie soundtracks.

His explorations of melody and harmony as a composer and percussionist naturally led him to connect deeply with the handpan. Building rich harmonies around clear melodies, Jeremy has baffled audiences with his hand/foot combinations, classical pieces, and intense Live Looping sets.

In a few short years, he has become one of the most influential handpan players in the world, combining these instruments with many other textures and tones, composing pieces for soloists or ensembles, and pushing the boundaries of these beautiful instruments, creating new soundscapes and taking them to new horizons.

As a fluent English speaker, he has been teaching drums and music production for decades, and international handpan workshops for over 5 years.

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