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Born in 1984 in a musician’s familly, Maël Chauvet’s playground is composed by Handpan, Celtic Harp, Turntables, Computer and controllers, and many instruments.

Sometimes he dreams about a jam party where Ravi Shankar drink a tea with Dj Shadow, Jan Garbarek, Bonobo, Ballake Sissoko, Marie Boine and Hidden Orchestra.
When he play music, he tries to make the soundtrack of his dream.

With several different projects like Berry Weight, Dodjoma, Adag'nan, Beatween, Tatcha he loves to compose in the studio as well as express on stage and collaborate with artists like Wax Tailor, A State Of Mind, Myrdhin, Mattic and to make remix for The Broken Orchestra, Long Arm, Ogma, etc.

Maêl Chauvet

 currently plays handpan with these makers:

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