Mea's Masterclass

Handpan Duo with Marketa and Lea

MEA is a collaborative project between Marketa from the Czech Republic and Lea Valentina from Germany, blending the sounds of handpans with vocals, flute, guitar, percussion, and other instruments to create a space of authentic connection.

They aim to use music as a means of communication, inviting listeners to celebrate life in all its different forms with them, through dance, song, and connection to nature. Marketa and Lea's friendship grew from their shared love of the handpan and their desire to bring their musical and life experiences together in a collaborative project.

MEA was born in 2019 at a handpan festival in France, surrounded by inspiring musicians and supportive friends, and continues to evolve and grow both musically and as humans. For Marketa and Lea, music is a reflection of their inner state of being, their relationship with each other, and the world around them.

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