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Through an authentic expression and a personal, charismatic touch, NADAYANA is translating the voice of rare and exotic musical instruments like Pantam (aka Handpan) and Gong into a momentum that restamblish the connection between artist and sound. Nadayana from the sanskrit “nadam” (the inner sound found in deep meditation , a manifestation of Om , Aum, Amen ) and “yana” (path/ way – towards that state of contemplation ) is an invitation to rediscover the inner music beyond what we hear with our physical ears, a mirror to see a more authentic version of ourself. Having released the debut official video, “Towards the Light” in 2016, the fans of pantam music were introduced to a new flavor that soon gained recognition and appreciation. What made it special was the combination of pantam with Thailandese Gongs – a world premiere. The beautiful cinematography and lush gong sounds brought a fresh approach in this genre without overtaking the leading sounds of the pantam, as other instruments tend to do. Its like joining the earth and the heaven, the ancient and the contemporary, the obvious and the subtle into a wider palette of healing soundscapes. Soon after the release of the first official video, while on tour for the “Nine” album, the second video “With You” was launched, gaining popularity across the globe. Its trademark of emblematic energy and sensitive expression carried through in all the live shows.


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