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Peter Levitov

United States

Handpan Performer and Teacher

Apple Music
Band Camp

Handpan Performer and Teacher

I first heard a Hang in 2008. In that moment it became clear what I would be doing with the rest of my life. I didn’t understand how, but everything I wanted to experience and know was inside that sound.

Over a decade later, after playing hundreds of Handpans and meeting countless new friends around the world, the journey is still just beginning. I learned and am learning always, first and foremost, from the instrument. The Handpan is my great teacher, reminding me to slow down and remember the transformational power of concentration, patience, and deep listening.

I am continually humbled by this art form and often overwhelmed and inspired by the possibilities  of sound, from generations of focused exploration. Every time I think I know something, I am invited to keep going. I believe this instrument has a great gift for humanity and feel privileged to explore it together.

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