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Chirp Handpans

Chirp Handpans

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After 4 years of R&D into tuned steel, I quit my PM job in Microsoft, to follow my passion of handpan making. Having 7+ years experience in Carnatic music and learning the art of tuning from experts such as Matthieu from Shellopan and Michael Colley from Aciel, I aim at making high quality handpans affordable and accessible whilst constantly innovating and pushing the frontiers of tuned steel.

Chirag Vaitheeswaran
, founder of 
Chirp Handpans
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Available shell material :
Hydroformed Nitrided Steel
Available shell diameters :
Available scales :
Here are a list of scales I've crafted and are currently available/ will be available soon: Western Scales: C# Ysha Savita, D Hijaz, D Celtic Minor, E Kurd, E Raja, F Integral Indian Raagas: Hamsadvani, Mayamalavagowla, Vasantha, Harikamboji, Chakravakam, Kamavardhini I can also craft custom scales depending on requirement as long as it doesn't have a Bb.
Custom scales request available :
Bottom notes available :
Bag :
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a bag.
no bag.
Padded Waterproof Soft Case with back support padding, waist and chest straps for easy carrying
Based on a price comparison between handpans with 8 notes
Based on a price comparison between handpans with 9 notes
Handpan with 8 notes :
From $0 to $1200 / 0€ - 1000€
Handpan with 9 notes :
From $1200 to $1800 / 1000€ - 1500€
Handpan with 10 notes :
From $1200 to $1800 / 1000€ - 1500€
Handpan with 11 notes :
From $1200 to $1800 / 1000€ - 1500€
Handpan with more than 11 notes :
From $1200 to $1800 / 1000€ - 1500€
Making Delay
Average time before shipping :
Less than 2 months
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No shipping available
USA / Canada
Rest of the World
We wrote on our blog an article about how to choose a handpan and another one about how to choose your handpan scale. Hope it helps!
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