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I'm a mexican handpan builder based in Barcelona. I'm passioned about art, meditation, theater, personal development, expressing myself with my body and dance and making beautiful things with my hands.

Making handpans for me is a way of connecting with the world of music and musicians. Making friends with beautiful and sensitive people. Having the metal as a master to learn about music instruments construction but also about frustration, perseverance, passion, and all kind of emotions. Handpan making was also a way to  find a craft/profession where I can infuse part of myself.

I try to make the best instruments that I'm capable of, but not in a competitive way, more in trying to put my best in a tool that will have a strong connection with another human being, and may be used a lot of hours per day to rehearse, make art and to transmit emotions and feelings.Im focused in achieving a warm subtle sound with a lot of dynamic and balance on the overall of the instrument.

Right now I'm not that focused on a lot of volume or building hard percussive instrument, rather a sensitive instrument with clear warm and pure sound.

Mario Gonzalez Aragon
, founder of 
Numen Instruments
Available shell material :
Ayasa Shells, SPB SHELLS
Available shell diameters :
Available scales :
D Kurd, D Celtic, C# AnnaZiska, E Romanian Hijaz, D Sabye, F Magic Voyage, Other Custom Scales
Custom scales request available :
Bottom notes available :
Handpan comes with a bag :
Yes it comes with 
Hardcase Technologies (Evatek, Turtle, etc)
Based on a price comparison between handpans with 8 notes
Handpan with 8 notes :
From $1200 to $1800 / 1000€ - 1500€
Handpan with 9 notes :
From $1200 to $1800 / 1000€ - 1500€
Handpan with 10 notes :
From $1800 to $2400 / 1500€ - 2000€
Handpan with 11 notes :
From $1800 to $2400 / 1500€ - 2000€
Handpan with more than 11 notes :
From $1800 to $2400 / 1500€ - 2000€
Making Delay
Average time before shipping :
Less than 1 month
Option to pick it up at location :
Ships to :
Rest of the World
USA / Canada
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