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Saraz Handpans


United States

Intrument(s) name(s):

Saraz Handpan

Handpan Maker since:


As one of the oldest Handpan builders still in production, we utilize 3 sizes of instruments to maximize ideal internal resonance and offer one of the largest scale lists world wide. With attention to detail, our refined architecture and design has been focused on the development of a balanced timbre, excellent tuning stability, tuned shoulder tones and both note sensitivity and note strength. Whether you are an enthusiast that plays for relaxation and therapy or a professional performer and studio musician, we would be honored to share with you the heart and soul dedicated to creating each Saraz.

Mark Garner

Available shell material:

Hammered, Deep Drawn, Rolled, Stainless

Available shell diameters:

48.3 cm (19"), 50.8 cm (20"), 53.34 cm (21")

Custom scales request available:


Bottom notes available:



Your instrument is delivered with

Hardcase Technologies (Evatek, Turtle, etc) bags

Your instrument is delivered with a bag


Handpan with 8 notes:

From $2400 to $3000 / 2000€ - 2500€

Handpan with 9 notes:

From $2400 to $3000 / 2000€ - 2500€

Handpan with 10 notes:

Over $3000 / Plus de 2500€

Handpan with 11 notes :

Over $3000 / Plus de 2500€

Handpan with more than 11notes:

Over $3000 / Plus de 2500€

Short delay
Long delay

Average time before shipping:

Less than 6 months

Option to pick it up at location:



Ships to :


Rest of the World

USA / Canada

Pro Players playing with their instrument