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It is essential for me to take the time necessary to create an instrument that I will be satisfied with. Manufacturing handpans is an exciting process but also time consuming and expensive in energy. I want my work to satisfy the customers who have chosen to trust me and bring them the sounds they are looking for. I do not consider this instrument as a ordinary consumer good, I like being in touch with my clients. I wish for my instruments to bring you joy and serenity all along your path.
Maël Auteri
, founder of 
Zaora Instruments
Available shell material :
1 mm - nitrided steel
Available shell diameters :
Available scales :
Custom scales request available :
Bottom notes available :
Bag :
Your instrument is delivered with 
Namana bags
Namana bags
Namana bags
a bag.
no bag.
Based on a price comparison between handpans with 8 notes
Based on a price comparison between handpans with 9 notes
Handpan with 8 notes :
From $1200 to $1800 / 1000€ - 1500€
Handpan with 9 notes :
From $1800 to $2400 / 1500€ - 2000€
Handpan with 10 notes :
From $1800 to $2400 / 1500€ - 2000€
Handpan with 11 notes :
From $2400 to $3000 / 2000€ - 2500€
Handpan with more than 11 notes :
From $2400 to $3000 / 2000€ - 2500€
Making Delay
Average time before shipping :
Less than 2 months
Option to pick it up at location :
Ships to :
No shipping available
USA / Canada
Rest of the World
We wrote on our blog an article about how to choose a handpan and another one about how to choose your handpan scale. Hope it helps!
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