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RAV Vast B Celtic Minor

RAV Vast B Celtic Minor
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RAV Vast

Playing the RAV drum B Celtic Minor can be compared to looking for the four-leaf clover while wandering around the lush sacred groves after the warm April shower. While creating this scale our inspiration was Celtic rhythms, English folk music and old Irish ballads.

The B Celtic Minor has a romantic and slightly melancholic minor voice. It produces a calm and peaceful sound and is really easy to play. This is the scale you can’t really go wrong with as it’s very harmonious.

The B Celtic Minor is a perfect tongue drum for beginners as it is easy to handle and learn various patterns. It also works perfectly for a fast-playing style. The B Celtic Minor pairs perfectly with a good bunch of RAV drums and other instruments, so it is going be a good choice for a pro to take part in jam sessions.

Ethereal, soothing and calming – that’s how the B Celtic Minor sounds like. If you are a fan of relaxed melancholic melodies, the B Celtic is just what you need (it’s also one of the favourite scales of the RAV brand creator – Andrey Remyannikov).

The B Celtic is a hexatonic variation of classic B Minor scale without the 6th note - G. The notes of the B Celtic Minor are tuned in 2nd, 3rd and 4th octave. You can find the same set of notes repeated in two stacked octaves. The central B has an octave pair – the 4th note on the scale (the second and third notes are paired as well).

The adjacent tongues made of 2 mm special steel produce intervals in thirds (either minor or major) creating many harmonious dyads and chords. There are two adjacent F# and A notes that create a minor chord. If you add C#, you’ll get an F♯ minor triad. With the B Celtic Minor you can also play a B minor chord (tapping D, F# and B), A major chord (playing A, C♯, and E), D major chord (D, F♯ and A). You can try various progressions, loop them and find the ones you like the best. But prepare that it might be hard to choose because all RAV Vast 2B Celtic Minor notes sound marvellous.

Having been used to the handpan’s sound for so many years, my ears fell in love with the RAV Vast’s whole new sound: deep, rich, warm and resonant. The range of harmonics on each tongue - somewhere between 4-7 tuned partials - make it particularly exciting to explore and play. There is great responsiveness and rebound to the touch.

It is easy to get a clear sound from each tongue with minimal energy, making it perfect for beginners and youngsters as well as pros. (It can also be played with special mallets so it’s good for those with manual dexterity issues.)

The RAV is named Vast because of sustain, which it’s famous for. With each tongue emitting up to 7 clean and balanced overtones along with the main note, the RAV is basically its own choir.

With its magnificent sustain and gong-like, bassy sounds, it's a great addition to my percussion arsenal. Aside from the fast trills and rolls, overall it pushes me to play slower, more reflectively and meditatively. Playing on my lap, my whole body vibrates. It feels both interactive and calming. I use them regularly in my compositions as a root to ground my chords.

David Charrier
Founder of
7'' (17 cm)
20'' (51 cm)
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9 Notes
Peaceful and calming
The RAV Vast comes with a soft backpack case
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About this maker

The RAV was invented by a Russian engineer, Andrey Remyannikov in 2013, inspired by handpans. It has turned out to be unique among other related instruments. RAV has a hypnotic, tranquil, meditative, mystical sound which along with its shape, has earned it the name spacedrum or UFO drum.

Neither beginners nor professionals get bored with the RAV. A large variety of scales leaves no one untouched and everyone will find a tuning to suit their taste. Specially selected notes in each scale make the process of improvisation and songwriting easier. No more stressful memorizing of notes, chords and music theory. You can start playing right away and as you grow, your RAV will reveal its full potential.

Listen to this scale

B2 F#3 A3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 A4

The B Celtic is a great steel tongue drum for beginners. But the point that the B Celtic Minor works well for freshers doesn’t mean it has nothing to propose for sophisticated players. There are very few notes that sound dissonant (and only one halftone (C#4-D4) but it’s not that prominent). For beginners it means ease to learn as you literally can’t go wrong in the melody you are creating. For the seasoned players it means you can practice fast playing and improvisation. The unique heartwarming sound of the scale makes the B Celtic Minor a good instrument for meditation.

The B Celtic is just perfect for playing with other musicians, especially if they are familiar with pentatonic scales (and most of them are). With the B Celtic you can transpose the song up to a beat using the chords and that will help a lot when playing together with a guitar or keyboard player. The B Celtic Minor also works great with flutes, especially those in the keys of B minor and F# minor.

David Charrier
Founder of


United States
United States
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