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I want you to give you the tools to be able to express, share your emotions and have the confidence and freedom to create the soundtrack to your own story.

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Section 1 : Introduction to the course
Welcome (4:14)
Section 2 : Warmups
Warmup Stretching and training all your fingers (12:02)
Different striking technics (7:22)
Section 3 : Practice exercices + Fingertricks Exploration
Practice#1 - Blocks in 3 (3:59)
Practice#2 - Blocks in 4 (2:18)
Practice#3 - Blocks in 5 (2:30)
Practice#4 - Blocks in 6 (2:48)
Practice#5 - Arm rotation (3:31)
Practice#6 - Running laps Exercices (12:43)
Practice#7 - Combo fingers for blocks (2:47)
Practice#8 - Dynamics (7:41)
Practice#9 - Harmonic Isolation (5:43)
Practice#10 - Harmonic Isolation + Stacatto (3:16)
Practice#11 - Staccato Technic (3:24)
Practice#12 - Split finger (6:13)
Practice#13 - Split finger Doubles (4:20)
Practice#14 - Split finger Paradiddle (3:48)
Practice#15 - Exploring 6 strokes roll on the instrument (9:30)
Practice#16 - Slide wreist technic (5:40)
Practice#17 - Harmonic Trick (4:29)
Section 4 : Songs, grooves & variations
Groove#1 - Land of Cole (3:45)
Groove#1 - Land of Cole var°1 (8:05)
Groove#1 - Land of Cole Melody A (4:41)
Groove#1 - Land of Cole Melody B (4:09)
Groove#1 - Land of Cole Be inspired + Advanced material (2:23)
Groove#2 - Opostos main beat & technics (5:22)
Groove#2 - Opostos Melody A (4:30)
Groove#2 - Opostos Melody B (4:13)
Groove#2 - All together Full (6:01)
Groove#2 - Be inspired + Advanced material (4:42)
Groove#3 - Pona off zelda - Groove Melody phrase 1 (6:54)
Groove#3 - Pona off zelda - Groove Melody phrase 2 (3:32)
Groove#3 - Pona off zelda - Groove + Triplet fill (6:28)
Groove#4 - Trap style - Flat groove (5:39)
Groove#4 - Trap style - Groove + Chords (4:47)
Groove#4 - Trap style - Groove + Melody (5:00)
Groove#4 - Trap style - Be inspired (5:43)
Groove#5 - Calçadas - Flat Groove (7:36)
Groove#5 - Calçadas - Flat Groove + Pulse (4:29)
Groove#5 - Calçadas - Flat Groove + Ghost notes (4:35)
Groove#5 - Calçadas - Groove + Chords (4:50)
Groove#5 - Calçadas - Groove + Melody A (4:01)
Groove#5 - Calçadas - Groove + Melody B (2:57)
Groove#5 - Calçadas - Be inspired (2:46)
Groove#6 - Scorpion Bite part 1 (main beat) (3:12)
Groove#6 - Scorpion Bite part 1 (main beat + Melody) (4:12)
Groove#6 - Scorpion Bite part 2 (10:09)
Groove#6 - Scorpion Bite part 3 (10:04)
Groove#6 - Be inspired + Advanced material (3:47)
BONUS : MasterTheHandpan resources
Give Kabeção a thumbs up : How to leave feedback and rate (0:44)
Here is where it's all happening : MasterTheHandpan Family (1:26)
MTH Blog : Find answers to your questions (2:45)
Check out where the other students are from and add yourself to the map (0:56)
I want you to give you the tools to be able to express, share your emotions and have the confidence and freedom to create the soundtrack to your own story.
Embrace your feelings and let me guide you on this journey of exploration.
Let's work together on your emotional and physical self and breathe new life into your handpan skills. My goal is to open up a new perspective to the way you approach your instrument and your playing.
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"This masterclass is everything I expected it to be. Kabe is a great teacher and has distilled his lessons into the most important aspects of his playing style. You get to see why he's so excellent at what he does. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to advance to the next level in their skills in playing this beautiful instrument."
Amit Pagedar

Frequently asked questions


What type of loop station will Jeremy be demonstrating and performing with?

In this masterclass, Jeremy will exclusively be using BOSS loop stations, namely the RC-30, the RC-50 (now replaced by the RC-300) and the RC-505.

He considers these to be the most ergonomic plug’n’play units for percussionists.

For instance, they have a microphone input with phantom power, which is not the case for many loop stations. Also, Boss loop stations are used around the world, allowing people everywhere to share advice and experience.

I don’t have the same loop station as Jeremy. Is this course still for me?

Though a few buttons and features may be different on your loop station, almost all loop stations have similar characteristics and workflow, and you should be able to follow the entire course.

As most of the operations demonstrated and described are the same on all loopers, Jeremy’s masterclass will give you a deeper understanding of how to refine your sound and build beautiful tracks.

What gear is required to follow this masterclass?

To follow this course you will need the following equipment:


  • A loop station with an XLR (microphone) input.
  • A decent quality microphone of any brand, with a stand.
  • An XLR (microphone) cable.
  • A pair of headphones or an amplifier to connect to your loop station’s output.


  • Because there is a section on sculpting your instruments with EQ (equalization), a mixer desk with EQs on each channel is desirable. 
  • Because there is a section about FX (effects), owning pedals (octaver, delay, reverb, etc.) is also desirable, especially if they are similar to Jeremy’s. (Note that you will receive a full list of Jeremy’s gear as part of the course.)


  • Additional instruments other than your handpan (e.g. cajon, keyboard, jaw harp, or any other instrument).

Reading this article will help you choose equipment according to your budget.


What if I’m missing some of the gear listed above?

Are you missing essential gear?

This course will inspire and guide you in the purchase of your first looping equipment.

  • Reading this article will help you choose equipment according to your budget.
  • When you enroll in the course, you will access the full list of equipment used in the masterclass. Why not treat yourself to some new gear in the near future and come back afterwards to enjoy the course in its fullest?

Are you missing recommended or optional gear?

  • Remember that this is a broad and insightful sound/effects/looping course with lots for any musician to take away, whether you have a basic or advanced setup. It was designed with the knowledge that many of the participants will not own the same equipment as Jeremy.
  • Because when you enroll in the course you get lifelong access to Jeremy’s Masterclass, you can start by learning from his experience and gaining inspiration. Later on, when you are able to purchase new gear, you will be able to come back to specific sections and put them into practice. To help you with this, you will receive a full list of Jeremy’s gear as part of the course.

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Top 3 reasons why you'll love this masterclass:

Find the freedom to express your emotions through your hands.
Learn new techniques and explore your musical creativity.
Develop your composition skills and create your own unique style.

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