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Let’s play handpan & spread good vibes around us! 😘

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Music has this unique ability to unite us and when it comes to the handpan, we all know it has an amazing ability to calm us and relax those around us.

Our community is one big family and we want to go through this challenging period with you.

David Charrier, Kabeção, Sam Maher, Dan Mulqueen, Adrian Portia, and Laurent Sureau have decided to give away lessons from their handpan courses and to offer them as a combined free course called #TogetherAtHome Handpan Bundle.

We hope that this time at home can become an opportunity for you to practice, progress, learn new stuff, spread some soothing music around you (but stay at home 😊). Open your window and let your neighbors in on the 'calm'.

Enjoy 15+ video lessons for free.

From beginners to advanced lessons, here's what you'll learn:

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