20 handpan-related activities to make the most of your time at home

20 handpan-related activities to make the most of your time at home

Man, it’s strange being cooped up at home. I’m grateful that at the minute the people close to me - my friends and my family - are well so I can look on the bright side of being confined, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone. I hope you’re all keeping well.

A few days ago, all MasterTheHandpan's teachers decided to give away a combined free course called #TogetherAtHome Handpan Bundle, hoping that this time at home can become an opportunity for you to practice and spread some soothing music around you.

Many of you enrolled, saying 'Great, finally something to do in my spare time!'.

So, I decided to put together a quick post to give you a few handpan-related ideas for making the most of the time spent holed up at home with your instrument.

Here are my top 20 suggestions

Let me know how they pan out for you!

  1. Finish the composition you started.
  2. Take the time to lovingly clean your handpans 😀
  3. Listen to that handpan album like you’ve been meaning to. Here’s a spotify playlist to get you started.
  4. Read up and educate yourself about recording equipment.
  5. Reorganise your home so you have a more comfortable place to play your handpan.
  6. Make your own braided rope rim cover to decorate your handpan, thanks to this video.
  7. Post that video of you playing.
  8. Try to write a handpan piece with your partner/housemate/child.
  9. Clean the shelf or closet where you keep your instruments.
  10. Write down and learn the notes of your scale off by heart.
  11. Figure out what scales you can play with your different instruments.
  12. Geek out on the handpan meme group.
  13. Teach your family members how to play the handpan.
  14. Play your grandma a piece over the phone.
  15. Play in the stairwell of your building, leaving notes for your neighbors with the times of your concerts. 
  16. Play on your balcony and put up an extra large sign with the times of your concerts. 😉
  17. Work on designing your own website and creating content.
  18. Decide what scale you want for your next handpan (for when the crisis is over).
  19. Listen to podcasts about all things handpan on my cousins’ website.
  20. Read up on the invention of the handpan on PANArt.

Any other bright ideas?

Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments or on our Facebook page so we can all benefit and spread the word.

Thanks guys and please take care of you while playing #TogetherAtHome!

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David Charrier

Player, Teacher, Blogger. Handpan Enthusiast.
Founder of Master The Handpan

David Charrier

Joueur. Prof. Blogueur.
Fondateur de Master The Handpan

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