Interview with Adrian Portia: quick fire random questions

Interview with Adrian Portia: quick fire random questions

Our vlog guest is Adrian Portia, also know as the 'The Hummingbird'! He's going to be faced with quick random fire questions. Sit back and enjoy his reactions!

What was your first word?

What kind of music did you grow up with? 
Italian Music

The hashtag that describes you best? 

Any hidden talents? 
I think I can juggle

The last music you listened to before this interview? 
It was mine 😀

Your biggest phobia? 

What album motivates you the most?
Anything World Music

What music or composition represents you the best?
Free Flowing Music

Describe your latest album in 3 words max. 
I don't have onw... Colourful, Variety and Uplifting

What posters did you have up in your room as a kid?
Predator, The Mask, Batman

440Hz or 432Hz?

FĂ©lix or Sabina?
I'll take Sabina

Minor or major?

What’s your ideal number of notes?
I love 9 notes

What have you got on your bedside table?
Salt lamp, incense and some crystals

What drink couldn’t you live without?

Which secret conspiracy would you like to start?
Aliens do exist

What’s your favourite mic for the handpan?
Anyone that works

Morning or night?

A gadget that have changed your life?
The iPhone. It has actually changed everyone's life

What’s the best country you’ve visited?
I like all countries

Your first tatoo?
One on my neck

Are you single?

Ying or yang?

Whatsapp or texts?

Tell us a joke
Come on! I don't know 🙃

What’s your favourite scale? 
I think Amara is still my favourite scale

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? 
I get up

What was your first handpan? 
Dii Symphonette

Boxers or briefs?
I don't wear any

Your favourite word?

Favourite series on Netflix?
I don't watch netflix

What have you always dreamed of doing?
I'd like to skydive

Do you prefer to play sitting or standing? 

What artist do you secretly listen to but wouldn’t want anyone to know about? 
I actually have quite a few: Adele and Justin Bieber

Do you have a motto?
Always be kind

If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would it be? 
Felix Rhoner

What was your nickname when you were younger?
Do you like this kind of interviews?
Not really

McDonald or salad?

Would you like this interview to stop?

Adrian is recognised internationally as one of the leading players and innovators on the handpan and has been travelling all over the world performing and teaching.

Bring your inner rhythm to the next level, learn his best secrets with his exclusive handpan masterclass.

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